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Here you will find a list of MindTheCare videos covering a variety of topics. Enjoy and please remember to click on the ‘Subscribe’ button on my Youtube channel. You can subscribe to the blog too… just click the button on the right of your screen.

May’s maliscious manipulation of mental health legislation


A nasty little rash

Don’t be a social care saviour fantasist.

Social care support plans and setbacks

Why I’m not anti-psychiatry

What’s it like to hear voices?

Cut Prince Harry some slack. He did a good thing for mental health.

Is ‘Expressed emotion’ really a thing in mental health care?

Understanding and working with anxiety in health and social care

Should psychiatrists diagnose personality disorder?

Don’t blame people with mental disorders for behaving like people with mental disorders.

Hanged if you do, hanged if you don’t

Mental disorder made simple for students and others

Mental health recovery with the stress and vulnerability model

What if the Dr just doesn’t get it?


Mental health (the basics) training day (audio) part 4


Mental health (the basics) training day (audio) part 3


Mental health (the basics) training day (audio) part 2


Mental health (the basics) training day (audio) part 1






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