Understanding depression

Depression is a real, biological illness. That’s why we treat it with medication – there’s something chemical there to treat. But chemistry isn’t the whole story.

This course introduces workers to the everyday things that they can do to help people with depression. From basic behavioural strategies to understanding the effects of different thoughts and attitudes, participants are encouraged to relate the principles not only to their workplace but also to what they already know about people in general.

The course begins with the common sense understanding that most people already have and builds upon it, step by step until participants not only know what to do but also why and how to do it.

The course covers:

What is depression?

Biological illness versus ‘a bit sad’

The chemistry of depression – and how to help the medication work

Symptoms of depression

Earned depression – how people grow and maintain their own depression

The thoughts that we think

Positive action – the behavioural response

Self-fulfilling prophecies

What to say and do

Getting the environment right

Depression and suicide – the major indicators

When (and how) to get help

Video: Depression? What depression?

Video: The physiology of depression

Video: The psychology of depression

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