Understanding anxiety

Custom thumbnailAnxiety is one of the most common mental health problems and yet it’s also one of the least understood. Many people don’t even realise that it’s a mental health problem at all. This is understandable. After all a little worry in your life is quite alright, it’s a perfectly acceptable part of living and without it we probably wouldn’t survive very long.

The problem comes when people start to worry all the time – even about things that really shouldn’t matter or about nothing at all. Many people are chronically anxious and don’t even know why.

This course ‘separates the wheat from the chaff’, highlighting both the benefits of anxiety and the problems that come from too much anxiety. It provides practical principles and steps that workers can take to help their service-users cope with and even overcome their anxiety problems.

The course covers:

What is anxiety

How anxiety benefits us

Too much of a good thing

The thoughts that lead to anxiety

Behaviours and actions that lead to anxiety

Safety behaviours – how people grow and maintain their own anxieties

Different types of anxiety

The role of medication

Getting the environment right

Little by little – the beauty of desensitisation

Support planning for (and with) people with anxiety problems

Video: Understanding and working with anxiety in health and social care

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