Support planning

Taking the notion of person-centred support as the basic principle this course uses the assessment and planning process as a foundation for the principles of individuality, independence, privacy, partnership, choice, dignity, respect and rights included in the standard. We begin with an overview of the process using a familiar model:

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Exercises, presentations and discussions lead participants through the process and introduce the various aspects of the standard.

A constant theme throughout the training is the notion that ‘people are just people’ and regardless of diagnosis they retain the same rights as others unless there is a legal reason to say otherwise (eg mental health act/mental capacity act).

The importance of interaction with others, spirituality (however the individual defines it) and the need to make choices is also emphasised. However we also emphasise a healthy understanding of risk and the way that it impacts upon the role of the worker and the organisation. Support plans that do not approach risk sensibly lead to harm for the individual and increased liability for the organisation.

The course covers:

More than just problem solving

A fundamental model

Assessment is the key

Risk and support planning (personalisation & person-centred support)

Going too far versus not going far enough

There are no failures – just learning experiences

Effective debriefing when things go wrong

Learning to cope takes time

Labelling, recovery and therapeutic optimism

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