Introduction to schizophrenia and psychosis

Thought disorder thumbnail 4Mention words like schizophrenia and psychosis to most people and they immediately think of headline grabbing tragedies and untreatable, unmanageable people they’d rather not have anything to do with. This is inevitable given the way that the subject is covered in the press but it’s not really very accurate.

Schizophrenia is one of many psychotic disorders and most people diagnosed with schizophrenia, like people diagnosed with other mental health problems are more likely to harm themselves than others.

This course lifts the lid on the myths about psychosis and schizophrenia and introduces participants to the practical, common sense things that they can do to support their service-users. By breaking symptoms and problems down into manageable ‘chunks’ and by relating them to participants’ own experiences we build a clear understanding of what psychosis and schizophrenia really means.

The course covers:

What is psychosis?

Schizophrenia – a psychotic illness

Three ‘symptoms groups’ of psychosis (hallucinations, delusions and thought disorders)

Symptom sorter – knowing what you’re looking at

Stress and vulnerability – a practical, common sense approach

The importance of the environment (expressed emotion in action)

What support workers can do

When to seek help & how to get it

Video: Training on psychosis and schizophrenia

Video: Hallucinations & objective reality

Video: Psychosis (Thought disorder)

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