Introduction to mental disorder

MindTheCare Mental disorder made simple video picThis course provides participants with a practical awareness of the main groups of mental health symptoms and how they relate to each other in the real world outside of the textbooks. We also consider the basics of personality disorders and the effects of substance misuse upon mental health.

The Stress & Vulnerability model of mental disorder combines both the medical model and social model approaches and provides an easily understandable, common sense explanation of practical mental health needs. The focus is upon what to do and how to do it without getting bogged down by jargon and psychiatric theory. The theory matters but so does practical day to day care and support.

This session will not make participants experts in mental health care and treatment but it will help them to make sense of what they see. They will be able to recognise problems as they arise, to provide basic care and, above all, they will know when and how to seek further help.

Concentrating on practice rather than esoteric theories and philosophies this introductory course provides a basic understanding of different conditions, how to spot them and what to do about them. The emphasis is very definitely upon practical steps to reduce harm and prevent relapse.

Stuart’s mental health and disorder video playlist is here

The course covers:

Attitudes to mental health and disorder?

The ‘stress & vulnerability’ model of mental health and disorder

Classifying mental disorder – (anxiety, depression and psychosis)

Personality disorder – focus on problems but understand the personality.

From anxiety to depression and psychosis – a progression of problems

Working with anxiety, depression and psychosis

What recovery really means

Why good support workers and care assistants are so vital

‘Expressed Emotion (EE)’ and the invalidating environment

When (and how) to get help

Video: Mental disorder and diagnosis made simple

Video: The anger tree – a mental health metaphor

Video: Ancient wisdom – Stoic rules for mental health

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