Duty of care training

Hanged if you do & hanged if you don’t

One of the biggest headaches for health and social care workers is how to make sense of their duty of care. On the one hand we’re told that we must take steps to ensure safety and on the other hand we need to respect people’s rights to make their own decisions, even if they’re risky. This can be a delicate balance to strike.

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It’s true that the law surrounding duty of care can be complicated but care workers aren’t expected to have the same knowledge as barristers.. We’re expected to understand the basic principles of care law, to know what to do if we’re unsure and we have to act reasonably. We don’t even need to be right every time. We only need to be reasonable.

This one or two day course is designed for workers who are far too busy delivering care to spend their time reading through long reports of legal precedent. It covers the basic points we all need to be safe ‘at the coal face’ of care delivery in a practical, work based way that is both engaging and understandable.

Delivered in plain English, the basic message of ‘Hanged if you do & hanged if you don’t’ is ‘don’t panic’.

By taking the mystery and complicated jargon out of the equation Stuart guides workers step by step from basic principles to a solid understanding of duty of care. Real life stories and clear examples are used throughout to make the training both absorbing and easy to apply in practice.

The course covers:

The duty of care myth

Balancing rights, risks and responsibilities

Common law and necessity

Being reasonable

Team working


Mental capacity and the right to decide

Acting in best interests

How not to be hanged

Video: Hanged if you do, hanged if you don’t

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