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Meaningful activity & mental health

The problem with distraction

Mental health nurses are encouraged to rely heavily upon distraction to help people manage anxiety, depression or the emotional consequences of past trauma. That’s OK so far as it goes but unfortunately it really doesn’t go very far.

Wisdom from Weyland’s Smithy

What’s important in your life? What are you involved in that’s more important then you are yourself?

Thousands of years ago our neolithic ancestors came together to create collective tombs and monuments that were far more important than any of the individuals who helped to construct them.

Here at Weyland’s Smithy we see the remains of one such structure. The now exposed chambered tomb, once covered by a mound of earth, stands testimony to the human need to achieve something bigger than ourselves.

In the modern consumer-driven world we’re encouraged to believe the lie that happiness comes from what we own, what we can afford to buy, how much money we have in the bank and how our stuff compares to the acquired stuff of our neighbours. But that’s not the path to mental health – it’s the path to mental disorder, to neurosis, self-loathing and petty jealousy.

True happiness comes not from what we have but from what we do. When we commit to something bigger than ourselves we leave a lasting impression on our world. We touch others in unexpected ways and our own mental health benefits as a result.

As I was filming I came across a fellow lover of all things Neolithic called Gary. He too understands the importance of monuments like the Smithy and the pull that they can have across the ages. He explains his reasons for visiting sites like this in his own words at the end of the video.

What’s important in your life?

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