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Enjoying life’s journey

Are you fed up?

Are you bored?

Do you wish life was different but can’t face the time it’d take to change things?

Ask yourself this… what else will you do with that time?

Were you just as fed up 5 years ago?

More importantly, will you still be just as fed up in 5 years time?

Most people get disheartened because they over-estimate what they could do in a few weeks but completely underestimate the changes they could make in 5 years.

Life’s a journey.

If you’re upset because you wound up where you are – stop fooling yourself. You haven’t wound up anywhere yet!

The journey only ends when you decide to stop moving forward.

It doesn’t matter where you start from so long as every day is another small step in the right direction.

It’s OK to take a break but sooner or later you really do need to get moving again.

You might think that it’s too much effort.

You might think you wouldn’t enjoy the challenge of making life better.

Are you enjoying life at the moment?

If you are then great – the chances are you’re working toward something worth completing.

The happiest people are those with proper goals and a plan to achieve them.

Goals without a plan are just empty wishes.

A journey without a goal is just drudgery.

If you don’t plan for the future you risk wasting all of your resources for the benefit of someone else who did.

You are responsible for the direction your life will take.

What are you going to do about it?

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