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Mental health recovery: A care workers’ guide to the stress and vulnerability model

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This video tutorial outlines the stress and vulnerability model as a tool for mental health recovery. It’s intended for anyone with an interest in mental health and recovery as well as workers at all levels in mental health and social care.

We begin with an overview of the 3 main symptom groups of mental disorder before outlining the model itself and the progressive role of anxiety, depression and psychosis.

Next we consider categories of vulnerability and stressors before defining recovery and providing a brief overview of how it might be achieved.

Finally a collection of slides are included for download. Screenshot the images and save them in a word document to make handouts for reference.

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New handouts

I’m working on a huge set of direct mental health work handouts covering all sorts of topics. They’re based upon the diagrams and other notes I’ve been handwriting for my patients, clients and service-users in my own clinical practice for years.

The finished pack will provide a framework for planning and implementing tailor-made interventions to help each service-user move beyond their particular difficulties. Here are just a coupe of examples to whet your appetites. The entire pack should be available to purchase in a few more weeks.