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Don’t try to be perfect

It’s ok to be human. It’s OK to make mistakes. To be fallible.

Don’t make your #mentalhealth depend upon infallibility.

You can never be more than human and humans get stuff wrong. It’s inevitable and it’s OK!

Unrealistic deadlines & nurses feeling guilty

We nurses aren’t perfect. We generally spend our time trying to sort out problems that we didn’t cause. That’s more than most people do. It’s more than the majority of our critics.

But no matter how hard we try, sometimes we fail. Sometimes we don’t fail but people place such unrealistic expectations on our practice, make such unrealistic demands of us that we face criticism, insults, even threats of violence for not living up to the demands of others.

People can disregard our efforts, they can slander us on social media and dismiss us as incompetent, callous fools if they like. That’s their right…

But we don’t have to agree with them!