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An interview with Freya Smith

Freya Smith is a carer and youth worker. She’s fluent in British sign language and sees all of life as an opportunity for compassion and for helping those in need.
Click the link to see Freya interviewed about her experiences working with homeless children on the streets of Cardiff.
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Freya’s enthusiasm is infectious. Her no-nonsense philosophy is practical and effective. To hear her speak about her work with some of the most disadvantaged children in the UK is to catch a small glimpse of what can be possible when we really engage with the task at hand.

Human rights in the UK?

Everyone should read and understand this. We need the Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights. Without them this vicious tory government realky will be able to treat us all like expendable cattle.


We are more than just working stock for the moneyed establishment.
Those who cannot work are more than just burdens – they are people.

Don’t be fooled. Human Rights laws are there for a reason. We cannot afford to lose our HR protections.

Amnesty international and UK’s policy toward sick & disabled people

Amnesty International outraged at UK’s treatment of sick & disabled. And where was this reported? In the mainstream media? Nope – not that there’s any surprise about that.

It’s depressing to realise that since the ConDem coalition took office in 2010 UK culture has become so callous, so devoid of collective compassion or even a sense of basic justice that this isn’t even slightly surprising. Indeed when I saw this my first thought was simply ‘about time, too’.

I fear for the future of a nation that is becoming increasingly callous and divided – a direct result of the ‘divide and conquer’ policy of these despicable tories and their immoral LibDem collaborators.

Roll on 2015!