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An interview with Freya Smith

Freya Smith is a carer and youth worker. She’s fluent in British sign language and sees all of life as an opportunity for compassion and for helping those in need.
Click the link to see Freya interviewed about her experiences working with homeless children on the streets of Cardiff.
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Freya’s enthusiasm is infectious. Her no-nonsense philosophy is practical and effective. To hear her speak about her work with some of the most disadvantaged children in the UK is to catch a small glimpse of what can be possible when we really engage with the task at hand.

Labelling & prejudice starts early

This video really got to me. Not because little kids can be prejudiced – we all know that children tend to have some very fixed, black and white opinions. That’s the only way that their little heads can make any sort of sense of the nuanced world around them. They make snap decisions based upon very limited information because they have to. We evolved to do that as adults but even more so as kids.

What really pissed me off is the consistency of colour prejudice across different races. Even the black kids were dismissive of blacks and saw whites as somehow better. What are we teaching our children (and by ‘our’ I mean all human children) about themselves and each other?

View this short video here

racism something very wrong children video

It’s true that as they grow these kids will become more subtle in their thinking. They’ll start to understand that the world is more complicated than that and they’ll develop their opinions accordingly. But the early lessons don’t go away – they stick around to influence adult opinions too.

What have we done to these children?

More importantly – are we prepared to change it?

It’s incumbent upon us all to challenge prejudice in all its forms, be that colour, race, nationality, religion, gender, whatever whenever we come across it. Let both adults and children know that it’s neither correct nor fair to judge others or ourselves upon irrelevancies like skin colour.

People are just people – let’s make sure we treat them accordingly!