Selling like hot cakes!

Late last week I delivered training in Kent on schizophrenia and psychosis for a brand new client organisation. The very next day they booked 3 more sessions! Here’s a little sample of the feedback they wrote.

“This has been enlightening, inspiring and thought provoking. I would highly recommend. Really felt my learning was Stuart’s priority.”

“Really informative and interesting mix of practical and background. Thankyou.”

So insightful and enjoyable. Really engaging. Have learnt so much.”

“Thankyou so much. Some of the best and most engaging training that I’ve had in a long time.”

“Memorable and easy to apply”

“High engagement. Willing to answer all questions.”

“Stuart in general. Amazing. The way he explained things to make sure they were understandable for all.”

If you would like to book training for your group of mental health and/or social care workers please get in touch using the form below or visit the ‘Training courses’ page here.


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