Online video training: The picture on the box. NOW LESS THAN HALF PRICE

Do you work in mental health services?

Do you find it hard to see how all the different disorders and peoples’ approaches to them fit together?

Do you have difficulty getting other professionals to see things as you do?

Would you like to be more effective in working with the people you care for?

Then this course is for you.

People learn best when they have questions and they remember best when they have a ‘schema’, a ‘picture on the box’ to help make sense of what they’re taught. That’s what this training is all about. Over two and a half hours of video instruction alongside a range of information and exercises in the accompanying workbook help you to make sense of the seemingly overwhelming field of mental health and disorder.

Click the links below for a taste of what the course entails

To gain lifelong access to the entire course including video tutorials, quiz and PDF workbook for only £12.99 click here

This version of the course is intended for individuals to use. Make sure you leave us your Email address and contact details when you buy and you’ll receive an Email containing the link and password to access the entire course online.

Note: Emails are sent manually and so it may take up to 24 hours (usually much quicker) to receive your link and password.


Stuart Sorensen 

(Nurse, Trainer and Coach)

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