Schools, mental health & the nasty party

The UK government has introduced an initiative to teach mental health maintenance in schools. The idea is that by helping children to develop good coping skills early in life they can be equipped to avoid mental ill health later on. This is commendable. It’s exactly what many of us have been asking for, for years. But don’t be fooled.

This initiative is no more than a drop in the ocean when compared to the real cause of mental ill health across all age groups – social and economic inequality. That’s the real problem and the nasty party has spent its entire time in government systematically widening the gap. The ideology of the tory party (and their erstwhile enablers the Liberal Democrats) is neoliberalism. Neoliberalism relies upon inequality to work. There have to be poor people. There has to be an underclass for the system to work.

So before you start congratulating the nasty party for their mental health initiative, remember…

If you can’t afford private education and expensive health insurance this government won’t give two hoots about your mental health – or that of your children.


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