Apparently 140,000 more people joined the Labour party in the 24hrs since the election results were announced. That’s on top of the hundreds of thousands who joined or rejoined since Corbyn was confirmed as leader. That means greater electorate confidence in Labour despite sustained tory & media smears. 

May’s majority is lost & the DUP deal is definitely ‘weak and wobbly’.  We’ll have a Labour government by Autumn with any luck. Then the right will learn something surprising… 

Lefties actually care about fairness and ensuring ALL people get life chances – including them. That’s one of the fundamental differences between Labour & Conservative. The tories only care about their own. Labour won’t see anyone starve, whatever their politics.
But don’t take my word for it. Wait and see.

Vote Labour when we return to the polls (hopefully this Autumn) for an end to inequality and divisive scapegoating of the vulnerable.