Will you really vote against this manifesto because of a 2 year hate campaign by the right wing press aimed at the Labour leader? That would mean giving up your country’s only hope of security, healthcare, education and prosperity because the people who are misusing your taxes to enrich themselves don’t like the bloke who wants to stop them doing so. That would mean believing the people who’ve conned you again. 

Fool me once, shame on you. 

Fool me twice, shame on me.

Don’t be fooled. These policies are the things that the hardworking 95% IN BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT CAMPS have been demanding for years. 

The tories won’t deliver. They have borrowed more in 7 years than every Labour government put together and you’re still worse off than you were in 2010. The conservatives care not a jot for the hopes, dreams and rights of ordinary working people…

UKIP certainly wouldn’t deliver (even if they had an opportunity to). The LibDems are a spent force too after their betrayal of the electorate in 2010.

Just look at these costings (courtesy of Paul Mason) for the Labour party manifesto. Just look at these intentions. Think of the difference these policies would make to the NHS, social care, education, employment, justice and security for generations to come.

Only Labour has the will to make this happen. Vote Labour for a genuinely competent government that cares about all of us – not just the privileged few.