Player 1 failed: Return to start of level 2016

Game culture seems to have taken over in a really, really big way in 2016. Corporate bosses and government politicians played the year for profit as though they were in Grand theft auto. They even employed the nations WMD to provide Call of Duty action in Syria.


At home many hitherto ordinary people got into Assassins’ Creed mentality, even dressing up as medieval knights in search of victims.

Some of my generation’s best-loved personalities seem to have invented their own version of ‘Dead pool’ and shuffled off this mortal coil almost to order, so regularly did they drop, fly-like to their graves, leaving our world all the poorer for their passing.

The main theme of level 2016 was destruction. Democracy was hi-jacked by the deceit of the alt-right whose ‘post-truth’ lies really shouldn’t have fooled anyone… but they did. Social harmony, whilst not yet destroyed has certainly taken a few hits from the little-Englanders and nationalist contingent, many of whom seem to think that the 2016 game is really just a re-run of 1941.

We’ve seen death, destruction, Brexit brought us the twin ‘bonus’ points of economic suicide and the greatest threat to human rights in UK since 1948. We’ve suffered increased intolerance and racially and religiously motivated hate crimes together with anti-Muslim propaganda that almost equals the early medieval ‘blood libel’ against European Jews.

But never mind because it’s nearly Christmas and apparently that makes everything alright.

Can’t we return to start and have just one more try at level 2016?

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