Human rights in the UK?

Everyone should read and understand this. We need the Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights. Without them this vicious tory government realky will be able to treat us all like expendable cattle.

We are more than just working stock for the moneyed establishment.
Those who cannot work are more than just burdens – they are people.

Don’t be fooled. Human Rights laws are there for a reason. We cannot afford to lose our HR protections.

2 thoughts on “Human rights in the UK?

  1. please tell me how I get my son’s case to the UN. He has been under the MCA since October 2007, and it isn’t that every rule has been broken, its that there are no rules at all. The Act isn’t fit for purpose, in fact at the moment it doesn’t exist while we have an enquiry yet again. I have published judgments which are mind blowing. So who do I contact, who do I write to??????


    1. Hi Shirley,

      I’m sorry but I can’t advise you any better than a legal professional could and by the sound of it you’re already on that route.

      I do wish you well though.


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