What sort of UK would you like to live in?

Once again Nigel Farage displays his callous disregard for others. This time it’s kids he’s having a go at. But not just any kids – vulnerable, uprooted, displaced immigrant kids.


In true mean-spirited style, UKIP’s discriminatory leader wants to deny young people the benefits of education. It matters not that (according to UKIP’s own proposed rules) their parents will be paying into the system via employment already arranged before they arrive. The ultra-right wing Farage wants their children to be denied the education that will allow them to integrate among their peers.

UKIPpers may well think this is OK. After all, they may reason – it’s only ‘them’ that will be affected, not ‘us’. But like so many other UKIP policies (& make no mistake, this is as close as UKIP comes to actual policy) its consequences are much more far reaching.

Personally I think there is great benefit to having an educated population. It means people make more rational decisions. It means people have hope and the chance to build a future. It means people can integrate and develop mutual respect. It means people can survive in the modern world.


We know that crime is linked to education (the more educated the population the less crime exists), not immigration. By denying immigrants access to the education system their taxes pay for UKIP would increase crime by leaving people without the education needed to compete in the job market. Inequality is a much bigger precursor of crime than immigration or even poverty per se. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

By denying the children of immigrants access to education Farage would leave them few employment options and few honest ways to survive as adults.

UKIP wants to create a two-tier system with all the civil strife that goes along with such appaling apartheid.

Is that the sort of society you want to see?

Is that the sort of UK you want to live in?

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