#TwentalHealth (Twitter) awards

How cool is this? I’m joint runner up in the 2013 #TwentalHealth awards in regard to my Twitter account @StuartSorensen. It’s an honour I share with the wonderful @MrsGracePoole whose twitter feed is well worth following if you’re into mental health and/or nursing.

The winner in the nursing category was @Nurse_W_Glasses, creator of the now extremely famous 20Commandments for mental health workers. I’m especially please to see that NWG won the nursing category award, having interacted with her online for some years now and even collaborated on a longer elaboration of her 20 Commandments a couple of years ago.

So well done to NWG for taking the big credit – an honour she richly deserves. And congratulations to Grace (AKA Alison) who, like myself has the honour of displaying the 2013 runner up badge on our blogs and online profiles.
twental health 2013 runner up

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