White, working class & British 3: Similarities, not the differences

Masked EDL demonstrators
Masked EDL demonstrators
What the hell do you EDL supporters want to achieve? I mean really – think about it – what are you aiming for?

There is no way that any Abrahamic religion (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) can possibly be banned in any European state. The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) prevents it. Even if the UK backed out of the Convention (an unlikely scenario in spite of Cameron’s rhetoric) you still wouldn’t be able to make it work.

The very thing that sets UK apart from theocracies (religiously run states) like Iran is our tolerance. Without that we’d be just as likely to end up as a Christian theocracy which, by the way, could be just as barbaric. Have you read the bible lately? It’s every bit as brutal as the Koran, which is hardly surprising since it’s based upon the same God of War.

Of course, many EDL supporters might complain that it’s different in Christianity – modern Christians are usually pretty moderate. And they’d be right – many Christians are moderate, but so are many Muslims. Have you ever wondered why so many Muslims choose to live in less radical countries like UK instead of Islamic strongholds? Have you ever taken the trouble to talk to a few Muslims and ask them? I have. Many Muslims are moderate – that’s why they’re here.

Of course there are some Muslim extremists in UK – but there are at least as many extremist Christians. I know – I used to be one.

wpid-1342295979.jpgHere’s a challenge for you. Go to your local Pentecostal, fundamentalist Christian church and ask the local congregation what they think about male dominance, about the wife being subservient to the man in all things. Ask them what they think about women speaking in church or about the rights of homosexuals. Ask them if the rules in Leviticus are to be obeyed (that’s a real eye opener) and then disregard their bigotry.

The fact is that there are bigoted Christians just as there are bigoted Muslims. But the Muslims that don’t like those rules – those awful prejudices – are the ones most likely to come to countries like UK where they can be free. These people are much more like you than you might imagine.

Just as you reject the more ridiculous rules of both Islam AND Christianity (you know – the bits about keeping slaves and stoning raped women to death), so do they. That’s why they moved.

And these Muslims have something that can be a great asset to UK society – they understand what religious oppression is all about. They understand it and they want no part of it.

Of course there will be exceptions. But then there are exceptions among the Christian community too. There are Catholics who oppose contraception and Christian fundamentalists who oppose sex education. There are Christian creationists who want our children taught only creation instead of evolution and there are Christian bigots who oppose equal marriage as though what other people do in their own bedrooms is any of their business.

There are also people who believe the world is flat because the bible tells them so but they’re hardly mainstream. So it is with Muslims.

And there are other things that we know about Muslims too.

• We know that many Muslims are hardworking and peaceful.
• We know that many Muslims are devoted to their families.
• We know that many Muslims hate terrorists and report extremism to the UK intelligence services when they turn up in their Mosques.
• We know that many Muslims are just like the rest of us.

So here’s a challenge – ask yourself just what it is that you hope to achieve by standing around in car parks and police kettles shouting obscenities about someone else’s God. And when you ask yourself – answer honestly.

• Is it about the people in your local Mosque or is it about your need to blame someone, anyone for the fact that you’ve been knocked back by an oppressive society?
• Are you really sure that you’re attacking the right target?
• Are you really sure that your methods are the right ones?

108 thoughts on “White, working class & British 3: Similarities, not the differences

  1. I’m not a member of the EDL but I do think Tommy Robinson has a point. It really doesn’t take much to be labelled a racist these days and it’s getting pathetic. Why are people like Anjem Choudary STILL allowed to walk the streets spreading their hatred?

    It is complete madness.


    1. Hi cosmicgypsy,

      Thanks for commenting.

      What point does Tommy Robinson have exactly that warrants the behaviour of the EDL?


      1. The fact that Muslims (not all of them but the number is increasing) hate us, hate our way of life and try to impose their views on us.

        The spread of Islamism, the Muslim rape gangs, Muslim ghettos.

        Even the union jack is viewed as racist now.


        1. Even if your assertions were true (& I think they’re questionable) how would you prevent things worsening?

          It seems to me that an organisation specifically intending to radicalize young British Muslims would do precisely what the EDL does. You lot fuel the very issues you claim to want to prevent.


  2. Well, something needs to be done about immigration, it’s simple. We now need to build 5 million new houses and create 800,000 places in schools by 2020. Everyone is too scared to mention the word because they are immediately labelled a racist when that’s not true at all.

    Muslim gangs have also taken over prisons and nothing is being done to stop them targeting and radicalising vulnerable people in them.

    I’m not saying the EDL are saints but how is shouting in the street holding a flag of your country now worse than brainwashing people into killing innocent people in the name of Allah?


    1. I thought your issue was radical Islam. Immigration is a very different issue. Incidentally neither of those issues are affected by the intimidation of British muslims.

      You say nothing is done but actually I think you’re wrong about that. It seems to me that the most effective way to radicalise ordinary muslims is to harass them as the EDL are doing.

      And nibody said that demonstration is worse than murder. But it is more likely to compound the existing tensions than to dispel them.

      Ask yourself this….

      If you wanted to make intercultural conflict more likely what sort of movement would you start? I’d start something very like the EDL and radicalise young whites. That should make conflict much more likely.

      There’s no point trying to stop Islamic rerrorism (rare though it is) by creating a movement of non-muslim (& peculiarly almost exclusively white) street terrorists such as the EDL.


      1. My issues are radical Islam and immigration, they aren’t that much different when you consider the amount of Muslim fanatics we now have as a result of the ‘open doors’ immigration policy.

        Nothing is done, excuses are made. The police are actually protecting Muslim extremists who preach hatred and promote violence towards non-Muslims while members of the EDL are losing their jobs and having their addresses released. Why are they treated differently? It’s one rule for us and another for them…

        And Islamic terrorism is not rare, it’s actually quite common. The reason we’ve not been blown to kingdom come yet is because of the fantastic work our security services are doing to prevent the endless amount of terror plots against us.

        The EDL are hardly street terrorists. Most of the people who get arrested at EDL demonstrations are part of the so-called ‘anti-fascist’ UAF.

        The problem doesn’t just go away if you ignore it.


        1. Answer this please….

          How does smashing up pubs, stripping muslim women, petrol bombing mosques, attacking muslims and sending hate mail help?

          In short what do you EDL people expect to achieve by inflaming tensions?


  3. Like Tommy Robinson has said time and time again, attacking Muslims and smashing up pubs isn’t going to achieve anything. Nobody is encouraging people to attack Muslims at all.

    The media are sitting hoping that these things will happen so that they can write more rubbish about the EDL to divert the attention away from these extremists who are hell bent on destroying our culture.

    Of course there are a few idiots who give them that pleasure but what can be done about that?

    There only seems to be a problem when the EDL demonstrate, everyone else is free to do as they please. Why is that?

    Allowing extremists to stand two feet away from our troops families holding signs saying “British soldiers should burn in hell” while spitting on their families and burning poppies is a complete insult and that’s the reason the EDL exist in the first place.


    1. So you’re prepared to overlook the regular violence and intimidation of EDL members because MAC was disrespectful in 2010 (& was subsequently banned in UK law). Is that what you’re saying?


      1. No, not at all. They are disrespectful every day. I could sit here writing about it forever but it would be pointless as you’ve already made up your mind.

        After Lee Rigby was killed, 100 (if that) EDL members gathered outside a pub where the police were kettling them. A group of Muslims heard about it and decided to go down there. Who’s fault is that?

        All I read is how EDL members are intimidating and violent and how Islam is a religion of peace. The MDL are intimidating and violent but nobody mentions them… I wonder why.

        The EDL aren’t plotting to kill innocent people or behead people in broad daylight. All they are doing is demonstrating against radical Islam. If the ‘anti-fascists’ (who are actually fascist) didn’t show up to every EDL demonstration then there would be no violence.

        In your post you say that there Muslims come to the UK to be free. Why are so many of them in favour of Sharia law then? That really doesn’t make sense to me…


        1. You still haven’t told me what you EDL guys expect to achieve. How are EDL tactics helping (bear in mind I’ve seen the message boards and facebook pages with vigilante style posturing & racist threats)


            1. And how do you imagine violent demonstrations and shouted obscenities will make that happen?


            2. Incidentally 10 arrests since Lee Rigby’s death shows that the UK is doing something. You admitted as much yourself in an earlier comment when you talked about our counter-terrorist intelligence services.

              You see I think that underneath these claims that nothing is happening to counter terrorism the EDL really means “we hate muslims & non whites”. Hence the applause when Kevin Carroll shouted “Send the black cunts home!”

              Nobody buys the idea that EDL isn’t racist because you prove that you are at every demo and on every facebook page. That’s why you get a hard time from honest working people. Because working class Brits have always opposed violent racist fascists from Moseley’s time onwards.


            3. The EDL don’t get a hard time from honest working people, the EDL get a hard time from snot nosed rich people who live in nice houses in areas where white people aren’t the minority yet.

              Do you think you’d be saying all of this if you lived in an area like Luton, Birmingham or Bradford? I don’t.

              People are finally starting to realise that this has nothing to do with race. Islam is religion, not a race.

              So you can use the word ‘racism’ as much as you like. If being patriotic makes you racist then I suppose I’m racist.


            4. European law is clear. Racism is clearly defined. Discrimination on religious grounds (especially when that religion is predominantly associated with particular ethnic groups) is defined as racism.

              And by the way I don’t live in a posh area. Far from it. But as a working class man I oppose discrimination precisely because I know how harmful it it (because I’m a working class man).

              But go on – tell me how comments like “send the black cunts home” from an EDL leader (to applause from the assembled EDL audience) isn’t racist (even by the overly simplistic definition you prefer to use).


            5. Ok. It wasn’t Carroll. He clearly has a different accent.

              You can’t deny the applause from the EDL crowd though. Or the eacism on the message boards and facebook pages.

              Bunch of racist Nazis!


            6. I can’t deny it, no. Tommy Robinson needs to be more careful who he hands the microphone to next time because people like that are the ones giving the EDL (and Tommy) a bad reputation.


            7. And the online ‘footprint’ of countless EDL supporters with their pretentious paramilitary posturing.

              And the many attacks on mosques etc.

              And the many convictions of EDL supporters for violence & racist abuse.

              You & I both know that the EDL is the latest in a line line of racist organisations. As an Infidel (according to your blog) this is no surprise to you at all.

              Why continue trying to pretend otherwise? If EDL supporters are so sure they’re right why pretend you stand for something other than you do?


            8. If you are talking about the masks you can’t blame the EDL for covering their faces. If they didn’t their families would be in danger. You know that…

              Anyone who opposes radical Islam is in danger.

              Think about it. What would be the point in the EDL pretending they stand for something else? They aren’t a political party.

              Our own flag is racist and we’re arrested for carrying it. Christmas is racist, UKIP are racist, the BNP are racist, EDL are racist, the police are terrorists.

              Anything British is racist these days and people are getting fed up with it.


            9. No not just masks. Also guns (? Replicas) and raciat statements. Oh and the list of convictions I posted is a real eye opener comin as it does from a ‘peaceful’, ‘non-racist’ bunch of choir boys.


            10. What about the two war memorials that were defaced by Muslims? You seem to have forgotten about that.

              Come on mate, this is getting pathetic. We can both post links all day long, it really makes no difference.

              Out of curiosity, where are you from?


            11. I’m simply countering your claim that you EDL lot aren’t racist. I don’t deny that there are some muslim extremists too. You’re as bad as each other so far as I can see.


            12. It seems that it was Alan Spence – EDL organiser from the N. East who shouted “Send the black cunts home!” Tommy was stood next to him at the time apparently. But the EDL aren’t racist – oh, no – perish the thought.


        1. Deliberately scrawling it on muslim buildings in the context of the EDL (whose favourite occupations include assaulting muslims, petrol-bombing mosques etc etc) is racist.

          Criticising religion is 1 thing (I criticise all 3 Abrahamic religions for their barbarity a lot). Unfairly criticising only 1 of the 3 and then attacking its members is discriminatory. ECHR defines that sort of religiously motivated discrimination as racist because….

          The objwction isn’t extended to other religiona that carry the same message (Judaism, Christianity) & the religion is primarily associated with a particular ethnic group or group.

          In the wider EDL context of course it’s racist. But you undoubtedly know that already.


  4. Based on what you’ve said it would be racism to call a red haired person “ginge” or to make jokes about blondes as these are features associated with one particular ethnic group.

    Islam is not primarily associated with one particular ethnic group, Islam is associated with Arabs, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalians, Albanians (etc…) and a number of central Asian countries. The only common factor in all of those is Islam.

    Every other religion is open to criticism but as soon as you criticise Islam you get called racist. It’s like a built in self defence mechanism.

    “As soon as they mention Islam, call them racist, that will shut them up.” It’s laughable.

    This isn’t even a debate.


    1. I regularly criticise Islam. So does much of European law.

      Incidentally that’s why Sharia can’t get a foothold in Europe – because it’s unacceptable.

      It’s not racist to criticise belief. It is racist in European law to attack members of defined religions indiscriminately which is what the EDL does.

      If you disagree with the subjugation of women and barbaric legal penalties why aren’t the EDL demonstrating against radical Christianity too? Why aren’t you picketing Nadine Dorries house? Surely it’s not because she’s white-skinned, is it?


      1. Maybe because radical Christianity is not a problem in Britain?

        How often do you hear about Christian’s committing an act of terrorism in the name of religion? How often do you see Christian’s beheading someone in the street while shouting “God is great?”

        How often do you see groups of Christian’s systematically raping children and forcing them into prostitution? What about plotting to murder and kill innocent people? Teaching fellow Christians that non-Christians should be slayed because they are worse than cattle?

        Really, how often do you see it? And don’t keep bullshitting me or changing the subject when you feel like it because I really have nothing to prove to you.


        1. Nothing I’ve said is bullshit Kristi. Nor have I changed any subject. You are the one who continues to introduce new topics whilst setting up false dichotomies and arguing as though 2 wrongs make a right.

          There are many reports of non muslims committing atrocities. April Jones case is a topical example.

          Further afield there are religiously motivated atrocities from all Abrahamic religions. Christian burnings and machere attacks in various African states for example – not to mention Christian objections in various non European states preventing antibiotics and treatments for AIDS in the name of God.

          This tit for tat stuff is silly.

          1 question: What do you EDL think you’ll achieve by attacking muslime indiscriminately?


  5. Are you saying the murder of April Jones was religiously motivated? If so could you please post the source of that information?

    As I stated in my first post, I am not a member of the EDL. I’m just an ordinary guy who’s fed up of these cowardly politicians who play the race card and waste time making excuse after excuse rather than actually dealing with the problem.

    I’m sure I’ve already answered your question but OK. If you ignore a certain group of people for so long, what do you think is going to happen? People are fed up of politicians using the race card to make excuses for terrorists rather than actually trying to deal with the problem itself.

    You’ve defended Islam in every post you’ve made. You obviously don’t live in an affected area otherwise you wouldn’t disagree with every point I make.


    1. Of course not. I’m simply pointing out (as is very obvious) that ctimes are committed by many people from many demographics.


    2. I haven’t defended Islam. I loathe all 3 Abrahamic religions. But I don’t agree with singling out any demofraphic for intinidation.

      You have restated what you see as a problem many times. You have stated that ignoring a problem won’t help (there we agree) but you still have not said what you think your EDL intimidation tactics will achieve.

      I believe that the EDL merely inflames tensions. What do you expect will be achieved by drunken (zeig-heiling) marches and intimidation of all muslims?


      1. What do I expect will be achieved?

        More and more people are starting to open their eyes and realise that it isn’t just about race. What do you think it will be like in 10 years?

        They either need to integrate or piss off. Simple. If they don’t like our culture and our laws then why don’t they go somewhere else?

        What confuses me is so many Muslims want Sharia law here when their parents came to this country to escape that. It really makes no sense.

        If I went to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan and made those types of demands, what do you think would happen? I would be in a hole somewhere.


        1. You tell me you think muslims should integrate or piss off.

          OK. How does EDL violence and intimidation (including intimidation and violence against integrated muslims) encourage muslims to integrate?


    1. Certainly am, ‘anonymous’ – & courageous enough to have a name.

      What about you? With a name like anonymous it’s hard to tell.

      I was born in England as were both parents and all grandparents. Great grandparents a mix of English, Irish & Scots. Somewhere before them there’s a little Dutch and, of course, Danish.

      And of course, if you go back far enough I have African ancestors just like every other modern human in the world.

      The fact is that all Europeans are mongrels of pleistocene African heritage.

      Here’s another fact – people are just people. We have far more similarities than differences.


  6. heres another fact, your a complete disgrace to Britain, from what iv read you seem to favor islam over your own people


    1. No. My fact about heritage is objective, demonstrable & evidence based. Your assertion about my character is subjective, biased and demonstrably inaccurate. That’s not how ‘fact’ is defined.

      The subjective opinion of an anonymous coward has only limited credibility, anonymous.


    2. Incidentally did you know that in calling me a disgrace to Britain you were using American spelling form?

      UK: Favour
      US: Favor

      Oh, the irony.


      1. It doesn’t encourage Muslims to integrate but then again, nothing does. It’s not possible for them to integrate because the Quran tells them not to.

        I suggest you spend some time learning about the Quran and less time looking on biased websites that are written by Muslims.


        1. The bible tells Christians not to integrate too. Similairly Jews are given similair instructions in the Torah. In all 3 religions these instructions are contradicted elsewhere.

          People of all 3 religions have learned to ignore such stupidity. But it’s hard to integrate when white thugs keep having a go at you just because they don’t know any better.

          The EDL enlarges and maintains the problem.


  7. lol yea it is irony actually seens how typically when people dont know what else to say about a subject they usually go on about a slight misspelling, hey sorensen u really are a pathetic excuse for a human being, oh an the whole anonymous thing my names ben stonehill i live in hounslow, london my postcode is TW4 6JG, house no2, how about u will u share ur address with me?


  8. well u said about being anonymous, making reference to u believing im some sort of coward who would only say things under an anonymous name, so iv just given u my name and where i live will u do the same? yes or no?


    1. You have my name already. I know how violent you EDL are. I’m not about to put my kids in danger by publishing my address.


  9. well im not EDL anyway, some friends of mine are but im not im BNP i assume that makes me a racist right?


    1. Well it certainly means you follow one. Nick Griffin (ex NF & Holocaust denier who wants ‘repatriation’ for non-whites) most certainly is racist.

      As for you – since all you’ve done is make assumptions about me without revealing your own stance, I really couldn’t say.


  10. oh iv read everything uv said on here i can tell EXACTLY what side ur on, ur anti- British ur a complete disgrace,
    also just to let u know u seem to be abit confused, even IF nick griffin was a holocaust denier this is not racism, something that ur kind seem to brand on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that isnt so called “democracy” u should take a look at what is happening to the entire western world because of islam and actually foreigners in general, forcing nations, race and religion on us will NOT work it never has, not in india, egypt, pakistan, syria or certain parts of asia get ur thumb out of ur ass, ur a traitor to britain u deserve to be kicked out


    1. Oh please!

      This sort of diatribe is known as ‘Ad hominem’ (about the man). It’s tge favourite tactic of those with no real argument.

      Addressing real issues instead of personalities is better. Incidentally, punctuation is helpful too.

      If only you got an education you might understand the damage the EDL is doing to UK society.


  11. YOUR the one who needs an education u people really have no sence of patriotism, this argument could go on and on and on, let me know what ur twitter friends say after posting about me please im interested to know if theres other people like u out there, i bet ur UAF


    1. I’m certainly not UAF. Street violence never helps whoever is doing it.

      As to education – I think the UK should teach critical thinking skills in state schools (at present it isn’t taught until university). That way our young people wouldn’t get sucked in by extremist ideologies.

      And as an observation, thd ability to punctuate and use grammer properly is a good indicator of the level of education a person received. That’s not snobbery – it’s a valid observation.

      Do a night class on logic or critical thinking. It really would benefit you.


      1. Just an observation Stuart, but you just misspell grammar in your last post. Oh the irony…

        Post what you like on Twitter. You’ve lost this debate (if it ever was one).


        1. Yeah I saw that – and kicked myself. I guess I had that comjng.

          The point about education still holds though – and about critical thinking.

          And I agree – this hasn’t been a debate. It’s been me ssking you what you wsnt to achieve and you redtating what you think the problem is without ever answering.

          Then a stream of ad homunem attacks from Ben and another anonymous, semi literate poster.

          That’s not debate – it’s just nonsensical rhetoric.


          1. I did answer you, several times. If you can’t work out what I think needs to be changed in this country after all of my replies then you clearly need a new prescription.

            I don’t have a problem with you as a person but your views are a different story.


            1. I know your views about what you think the problem is but you still haven’t said how you think EDL violence and intimidatory marches might help the situation.

              I believe EDL action results in radicalisation on both sides. I’m asking you what you think the result will be (assuming you disagree).


            2. Just to clear this up, I’m not trying to say that the EDL are all angels and all Muslims are terrorists.

              There’s idiots on both sides, the only difference is that the idiots on their side aren’t getting dealt with the same way that the EDL members are.


            3. As I said earlier there have been 10 arrests since Lee Rigby’s death and MAC has been banned. If muslim extremism isn’t tackled then why was Tommy Robinsin complaining about being surrounded by them in prison?

              No – forgetcthat questiin and please answer my earlier one….

              What do you think the EDL will achieve?


  12. yea about ur twitter friends there just as uneducated as u, like that BT guy saying “deport extremist hate preachers like tommy and nick” errrrm what about hamza eh? or all of the others (i wont say choudary because that cock sucker was born here he cant be deported by law)
    i can see ur a very old man which means that u live in a generation much older then ours u probably still see britain as it was 50 years ago, ur old ur gonna die soon so just die with what bit of dignity u have left an stop trying to further destroy this fantastic country


    1. I wasn’t born 50 years ago. You carry on with your unfounded assumptions though. They’re actually very funny.

      Illuminating too as an illustration of how little evidence and reason you need to form an opinion. And therein lies the problem.


  13. u certainly look like a very old man, ur at least 70.
    an tell me what evidence im lacking to form an opinion?


    1. Hahaha. I’ve alwags had that advantage. Was able to get served in pubs at 13 because I looked older than I am. 70 is pushing it a bit though.


  14. Illuminating too as an illustration of how little evidence and reason you need to form an opinion. And therein lies the problem.

    u said that then i asked what evidence im lacking to forn an opinion


    1. Ah right. Since it’s easier to cite positives than negatives I’ll list a couple of your assumptions without evidence….

      I’m a very old man
      I remember the UK of 50 years ago
      I look about 70
      I’m UAF

      I think that should demonstrate the point succinctly enough.


  15. ok well seens how were going down this road

    im a EDL memeber
    so is cosmicgypsy2
    us people (nationalists) are violent


    1. Trouble is that EDL members almost always deny their involvement. So I look at evidence (cosmic gypsy’s blog and its links strongly suggest EDL).

      You tell me you’re BNP (Assuming you’re Ben – it’s hard to tell) and so I responded to you as such.

      Nationalists are violent – the news is fullbof EDL & BNP violence. Plus I’ve lived & worked all over UK all my life. I know first hand how violent nationalists can be. Hence not wanting to endanger my kids by posting my (& their) address online.

      I based 2 of thd above assumptions on evidence and the ine that was probably incorrect (you’re EDL too) I dropped.


  16. Tommy Robinson was complaining about the Muslim gangs who have taken over prisons and are brainwashing vulnerable people in there. This really needs to be stopped.

    What about the person responsible for brainwashing the two murdering cowards (and many others) in the first place? The guy who brags about his jihad seekers allowance while preaching hatred towards our armed forces.

    What will the EDL achieve? Enough support to make politicians stop, listen and maybe do something about the problem rather than tip toe around the issue like the cowards they are.


    1. Thankyou. Finally you answered. However in my view…

      The EDL will not change European law and even if UK leaves the ECHR we still won’t be able to adopt such anti muslim discrimination. France’s burkha ban is already runningvinto problems and that’s nothing compared to what many EDL & BNP members demand.

      But even ifvyou’re right – does the radicalisatiin of young people in both sides really look to you like an appropriate way to achieve such ends?


      1. If you’re trying to tell me that it’s discrimination to arrest someone who’s a massive threat to this countries security because he’s a Muslim then you are deluded and I see no point in continuing this at all.

        I’m glad you mentioned the Burkha because that should be banned too. We aren’t allowed to wear hoodies but covering your entire face is allowed? I don’t understand that… It’s a security risk, ban it.

        The EDL are the only people brave enough to stand up and say what most working class people who live in Muslim areas really think.


        1. When did I say that arresting someone who poses a threat is discrimination? You really have imagined that.

          I actually suggested further arresting threats from all sides.


    1. For a start I’d encourage people to understand perceived risk. Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘Risk: The science and politics of fear’ would be a good start.

      I’d teach ctitical thinking in state schools from reception class onwards.

      I’d work to create greater links with moderate muslims (most arrests of extreme islamists come from tipoffs from muslims).

      I’d continue to prosecute extremists who encourage tensions such as MDL, EDL, MAC, UAF.

      That would be a good start.


  17. well let me ask u a question, sir winston churchill HATED muslims, he didnt want to see them in britain atall, do u think hes racist?


    1. In that context he was displaying a prejudice. Since the law declaring islamophobia as racist wasn’t drafted until after Churchill wentvon record saying that he wasn’t technically racist then just as those who opposed Jews and Christians weren’t technically racist then either.

      But why is my opinion of Churchill relevant to our present discussion?


  18. ur talking such shit uknow that, ur just opening ur mouth an putting words together
    anyway its relevant because ur kind seem to think anyone who is a patriot is racist


    1. If only you bothered to understand about human rights, history and international law you wouldn’t seem so embarrassingly ignorant. I suggest that you try reading a book occasionally.


  19. read a book? u can see whats going on with britain, america, europe the entire west an ur saying to read a book? people like YOU are the racists, ur racist to ur own people, a few hundred years ago people like u would have been hung for treason, lucky for u weve evolved, b4 u die dont spread anymore of ur hate, some of us actually adore this country


    1. I advocate peaceful integration and legal penalties for those who disrupt the peace. As do most UK citizens.

      And yes I advocate education – how else will you know whether you’re making good decisions?

      Read a book!


  20. yea uv already said read a book, its ur old age u cant remember what uv said
    so u seem to slam patriotic organisations with such conviction, wheres ur hate for other organisations such as islamic ones? iv seen ur twitter account u and everyone on there just talks about the EDL or BNP what about all the islamic ones? wheres ur conviction for them? hey sorensen….. read a book eh


    1. I’d have thought advocating prosecuting criminals who come from the ranks of MDL, EDL, BNP, MAC (now proscribed) & other extremists from all sides is fairly well balanced actually. Wouldn’t you?


  21. it would be, if u would also convict islamic organisations but u being a typical lefty wont recognise the problem so u decide to slate the patriotic organisations instead, an i have nothing against reading a book but to read a book is well simply reading a book, why dont u go out onto the streets everyone once in a while and take a look or look at what laws are being changed for these people thats faaaaar more powerful then read a book


    1. Have you actually read my last comments at all?

      It really is depressingly circular trying to debate with someone who is so ill-equipped to participate.

      So in the intereats of fairness I’ll refrain from exposing your inability to reason any more until (& unless) you come up with something that isn’t either:

      Old ground;
      Unfounded assumption;
      Clearly inaccurate;
      Such extreme evidence of stupidity that it would be unfair to challenge it (like fighting an unarmed opponent).

      Come on now – try to come up with something at least superficially intelligent, if you can.


  22. ur doing it again, ur just putting words down, i HAVE said something intelligent but u have chosen ur best at an attempt at insult, i asked u why u continue to convict EDL and BNP rather then the islamic groups, will u answer now that iv put it into plain english for u?


    1. You may not realise this but MDL & MAC are muslim extremist groups. Now please stop being so silly.


  23. yes i know, and like iv said now 3 times that iv been onto ur twitter account an seen ur post and all of ur fellow anti british friends on there posting about anti patriotic groups, then YOU come on here talking to me saying how (lets face it yea) anti british u are, so why have u not said 1 thing about islamic organisations or anything islamic atall actually?
    i hope u can understand this question this time im getting tired of repeating myself to u


    1. Read the last post. Forgive me laughing as you struggle through the task of encoding the meaning of written English (obviously not your strong suit).

      If you come up with a question that makes sense I’ll answer it. In the meantime I’ll just carry on giggling at your nonsensical, comments.

      I’m sorry if that seems hard – I shouldn’t laugh at the ‘hard of understanding’ – nature has, after all, disadvantaged you quite enough.



  24. are u actually serious now? iv asked u a question 2 times now an u wont answer but yet ull TRY an insult me? will u answer my question or not?


    1. I had actually answered your question before you asked it. And then again after you asked it.

      Also you complain that I ‘come on here’ and tell you stuff. This is actually my blog. You’re the one who chose to jump in.

      But for the record – and for the last time – I oppose all extremists and I loathe all 3 Abrahamic religions (I have said this several times). I advocate prosecution of all those who assault, intimidate or murder others regardless of their religious or cultural backgrounds.


  25. u may have answered the question but u havnt exactly answered it, ur really boring me now talk tomorrow


  26. ok last comment b4 i go, ill explain it for u u dont seem to get it, ill explain it by highlighting the part u need to raise in ur mind…

    u may have answered my question but u havnt EXACTLY answered it

    got it? if u dont then sleep on it an reply

    anyway u anti british scum ill read ur message later


    1. Nope – sorry. You’re still talking nonsense, I’m afraid.

      You’re asking me for details about a premise you have raised that I have already demonstrated has no substance. There are no details to be given because the initial premise (the idea that I don’t oppose muslim criminals) is demonstrably flawed.


    1. When you find someone to discuss this with perhaps you’ll explain to them what you mean by ‘your own people’ as I’m clearly too stupid to understand (unless, of course you’re making a very arbitrary discriminatory point).

      Anyway – bye then.


        1. Not my thing. The UAF is too ready to be violent themselves.

          I believe Fascism should be beaten by peaceful means so although I sympathise greatly with the UAF’s motives I don’t support the methods of any group that uses street violence.


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