What the. ….


Today is ‘Patriots’ Day’ in the US. It’s also a date that will likely go down in history as yet another tragedy in the states. The Boston Marathon has just been interrupted by two explosions and police allegedly have cautioned people to avoid litter bins.

It’s hard not to consider terrorism although precisely who might have caused this atrocity (or why) remains to be seen. I’m not going to speculate – I remember the internet chatroom frenzy after 9/11 with everyone from ‘the blacks’ & ‘the commies’ to ‘the Jews’ being blamed by self-proclaimed ‘experts’ adamant that they had inside information.


All I’ll say is that the luckless victims of these explosions have my sympathy and I hope that whoever is responsible can be brought to justice soon.

Update: According to The New York Post 12 died in the initial two blasts. Other social media sources suggest that there has since been at least one further explosion while Sky news reports ball bearings scattered at the scene suggesting home made explosive devices. A ‘person of interest’ was arrested shortly after the explosions.

This just cannot be justified.

The Department of Foreign Affairs advises anyone concerned about loved ones in Boston to call 014780822.

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